Case Studies

1) 30+ year-old nonprofit looking for a content facelift

Issue: Client was a 30+ year old science library, museum, and research center. However, they were looking to expand their reach beyond the walls of academia and research. Hoping to draw more people to their organization with vibrant content. They had a treasure of archival material and research, but little video content sharing it in an exciting way.

Solution: Interview industry leaders and major donors to develop two biographical documentary series (twelve 20-30 minute episodes) and two 60 minute tv documentaries. Then add a host of shorter social media and web content for their website and social media channels.

Result: The series opened doors to new supporters and major donations, particularly from featured interviewees; one subject’s single donation paid for the campaign 10 times over (1000% ROI).

Two one-hour long documentaries aired on PBS stations to 100s of thousands of TV viewers and multiple digital channels. Videos on website and social media attracted even more views, with one 20 minute episode garnering 50,000 views. Website traffic grew exponentially. Client used content for multiple events and screenings which drew large audiences and donors.

2) Private Foundation, Large botanical garden and cultural center

Issue: Client was shutting down a large part of their facilities for a 3 year major renovation project. They wanted to turn this inconvenience to anticipation for their visitors. As well as attract new visitors and members.

Solution: Produce a series of web and social media videos over the course of the renovation, while capturing content for our final feature film. Create video content for virtual field trips on client’s website. Interview key members of organization to garner further support and publicity. Create content to be displayed on location to educate and entertain new visitors. Create TV commercials and other auxiliary content for news and tourism channels to drive more publicity.

Result: The feature film aired on ABC to millions of viewers, leading to a 58% increase in exhibit visitorship within a year. The client announced record attendance of 1.5 million+ visitors. The client continues to use the videos to educate guests on site. The video content helped the client create an online exhibit for the first time. This expand their reach beyond the region to schools across the nation.

3) Ivy League School seeking to raise money

Issue: A large university needed to find a way to share their story in a way that would excite current and future donors and alumni. They needed to show why their school was worth donating to. Their ambitious campaign to raise 3.5 billion dollars would secure the future for their dozen schools and six centers.

Solution: Interview over 30 student and professor to highlight the stories that show the incredible impact the school has made on their lives — and the world. Develop a treasure trove of high quality content that could be repurposed into a variety of web and social videos.

Result: The campaign exceeded its goals and raised over 4.3 billion dollars. The president of the university, donors and alumni gave high praise for the video campaign. The content was shown as the keynote presentation at events worldwide.

4) Cancer advocacy organization (medium sized)

Issue: Breast cancer advocacy organization that had lots of research articles, facts, and figures; but were having trouble connecting with women on a emotional level. They were looking to share options for prevention and treatment, while not being prescriptive in telling women what to do.

Solution: Create a documentary series of heartfelt stories of women choosing different options for surgery and reconstruction. Produce videos of doctors and surgeons discussing treatment options in a simple to understand way that was disarming yet informational. Create original animation and blended the medical with the personal. Produce and release these videos in three phases, along with social media video content to drive traffic to our client’s website and online community.

Result: The series of videos drew tens of thousand of new website visitors. In the first 4 months of the video launch (before any promotion), the first set of videos received over 31,000 views with high engagement and interaction. It garnered high praise and strengthened the partnership between our clients and other hospitals and treatment centers.

5) Artist’s Estate (fine art painter)

Issue: An artist estate and museum hosting the majority of his paintings wanted to engage more people in his prolific work, career, and life.

Solution: Develop and produce a compelling feature length documentary on the life and legacy of the artist. Connect to distribution partners ahead of time to ensure worldwide distribution. Also, create a host of social media and web content to attract interest, as well as drive more people to the museum. Create original content to be used by the museum online exhibits.

Result: The documentary was signed by PBS American Masters, PBS’ award-winning biography series, and was released on a primetime broadcast to their millions of viewers. It was simultaneously released on PBS’ digital platforms. The film was screened in multiple theaters and is continuing to be optioned and sold for a wider release.

6) Large Hospital Network - choose us for your surgery / treatment

Issue: One of the nations wanted to convince people why they should choose them for major surgeries and treatments. People have choice of where they go to for major treatments and options, facts and figures help but the client needed a way to connect with people on an emotional level. Build trust with who could be their surgeons, even before they made a choice.

Solution: Produce over 20 short profile videos on surgeons using emotive documentary techniques that would strike an emotional chord, build trust with viewers, and educate patients. The capitalized on the success of these mini-documentaries by creating an additional series of broadcast and social media spots, using the existing content.

Result: Each surgeon profile received thousands of views, and drove thousands more to their website. The hospitals surgical volume increased every subsequent year. The profile videos continue to be their featured tool for website visitors for five years ongoing.

7) Children’s hospital looking to educate and dispel fears

Issue: Children’s hospital looking to welcome children and their parents, alleviating their concerns by shedding light on the hospital’s treatments and facilities.

Solution: Create a video series guided by former patients; showcase the doctors as well as their groundbreaking treatments.

Result: Thrilled with the series and its reception, the client chose to expand the documentary campaign with additional videos highlighting their innovative medical procedures.

8) Disabilities advocacy organization

Issue: Disability advocacy organization looking to expand their support base and reach.

Solution: Create short documentaries showcasing some of their compelling programs. The films would be used for multiple screenings, discussion and conferences.

Result: The film was a success for participants, the client, and the supporters. The film was featured in multiple screening and has been attracting universities to partner with our client to host screenings. The success of the film led to a second project and subsequent film.

9) Prestigious Business School

Issue: Prominent business school looking to engage current and prospective MBA students as well as executive education students.

Solution: Created a diverse campaign of videos to meet our clients very diverse needs. Conducting interviews with students and staff, documentary style recording, developing scripted studio content for teaching materials, and a variety of commercial advertising content. Embed the creative production team with the client’s brand and formed a long-term partnership.

Result: As the creative team produced more and more content together, the quality continue to rise and the cost has continued to drop. This resulted a vast library of video material, allowing us to use and repurpose more material on each subsequent project.

10) Healthcare Retailer Company

Issue: Pharmaceutical retail brand ranking high in customer satisfaction, looking to maintain loyalty among customers and store owners.

Solution: Create a comedic, yet informative video series to educate and entertain our clients partners at a global conference. Capture interviews with customers and store owners to share authentic testimonials. Use an on-screen improv actor to bring life to what is traditionally dull content.

Result: The client and the store owners loved the content. It became a highlight of the conference and was shared

12) National cultural heritage museum

Issue: A museum looking for vibrant video content for their exhibit as well as to advertise.

Solution: Travel around the country to interview subjects. Work with the museum to gather archival content and used engaging filmmaking techniques to bring decades-old material to life. Produce 23 short films that played online in social media platforms to generate buzz for the exhibit. 26 films total played in the exhibit. Short documentaries, interviews, silent movie projected on the wall.

Result: The museum’s exhibit was a huge success and saw great numbers in person and online. The video content was so strong that the client continued to use it after the exhibit had ended creating a virtual exhibit on their website and an adult learning lecture series. The video content was shared with the museums major partners (one of the being the MLB).

13) Small nonprofit (mental health/online community)

Issue: A small nonprofit organization was seeking to raise awareness of mental health issues.

Solution: Produce a feature length documentary that was funded through grants and crowdfunding. Then we went on to create an ongoing documentary series highlighting individuals’ journeys with mental health, that formed the backbone of an online community. Create an hour long TV broadcast for PBS. Create a host of social media content to help boost the online community and raise awareness.

Result: The feature film won critical acclaim from the New York Times and the Los Angeles Times as well as praise from the mental health community, and was released on Netflix. The film screened around the globe at mental health conferences and advocacy groups. The documentary content help create a vibrant online community where guests are actively contributing and sharing their own stories.