Frequently Asked Questions

+What’s in a video campaign?

We specialize in high impact video campaigns, that will tell a full and powerful story over time. This includes multiple videos- normally different lengths and formats- that tell one larger story to achieve massive results for our clients. All the content we create aligns perfectly with the organization’s messaging and brand.

Our approach is customized to the organization's needs and goals, maximizes their budget and minimizes the workload on them. We advise our clients on a plan to deliver videos across multiple platforms, to reach different sectors of their audience in a variety of ways.

+Why do you do what you do?

We believe that today’s important, innovative, and vital stories deserve to be told in a compelling and creative way. That’s why we help leaders of organizations create video content that shares their story in an inspiring and authentic way that delivers tangible results.

Many organizations make the mistake of hiring generalist marketing companies to do their video. We built our team and strategy from the ground up around video. We focused on becoming experts in creating video campaigns, so we could deliver higher quality work in a more professional and cost-efficient way.

We pride ourselves on serving our clients’ needs first and foremost. Since 2008, we’ve created video campaigns for over 100 universities, hospitals, foundations, organizations, companies, and causes.
We passionately work to tell these stories well - as they deserve to be.

+What makes VIM unique from all of the other companies in your field?

There are three reasons:

First is that we’re one of the only marketing companies that specialize in high-value video campaigns. Most agencies and marketing companies’ service list includes everything from web design to printing and just so happens to include video production. Our experience teaches us that it’s best to form a specialized, proven team around one product.

Secondly, we formed our business centered on video campaigns the year of the 2008 economic crash and the beginning of the era of video on demand and online video. We ONLY know how to think budget conscious, yet make sure we produce content that stands out in a world drowning in media.

Third, we only work with top-notch proven professionals with many years of experience. We don’t take chances or shortcuts with our production team.

+Why do you do video exclusively?

We found that forming a team of specialists from the top down around one medium, discipline and practice; delivers the best results. If you’re going in for heart surgery, you don’t choose a great family doctor, you choose a great heart specialist. Our staff and partners are focused on delivering our clients the best possible video campaigns and production experience.

+What kind of video would work best for my organization?

The best video is part of a defined video strategy that best fits your vision and goals.

The VIM team helps you define the strategy and create the right kind of videos by customizing each and every video campaign to our client’s goals and vision, wants and needs. We achieve this through an exclusive process based upon a discovery session where we do nothing but ask questions and listen.

With this information, the VIM team will create a plan and a strategy based on the client’s vision.

This is when the magic happens as we create powerful video campaigns that guarantee content longevity, greater flexibility, and major cost-savings while not compromising on quality.

+How do I know it’ll be worth the investment?

You don’t, but we work very hard to reduce your risk! Our process is proven, our teams are experienced, and we strive to be the most professional organization you will ever work with. We are so confident in this, we guarantee every video campaign.


Based on our experience, we have heard far too many customers tell us that their previous vendor just didn’t listen to their story, so they didn’t capture the heart of their organization or project. Or their vendor didn’t suggest anything different that would make their videos capture people’s attention.

So, we created the STRENGTH STORY process.

We listen to the customer to completely understand why they do what they do; who they are and what their clear impact is. We listen for stories within and around the organization that are authentic and would be attractive to their audience.

The process delivers creative, custom video campaigns that are creative, original, and drive serious results.

+When do I know I am ready for a(nother) video?

The VIM team will help you make a decision that is right for you! A lot goes into that decision. We first meet to ask questions that show us whether it is the right time and if we’d be a good fit for each other.

+So, you’re like a marketing agency, right? Can you do my website too? Where’s your list of services?

No, we are not a typical marketing agency and here’s why. We specialize in video. We are one of the best video campaign specialists in North America and maybe the world. Our team is made up of producers, directors, editors and other professionals that are specialists in what they do. They are not generalists. Our experience shows us that this creates higher value work, reduces the client’s risk and creates easier, hassle-free and more successful process for our clients.

+I already have a marketing team/agency, why hire you?

Most organizations we work with have a team. But we are experts in video campaigns. That’s all we do, so we actually improve your team. We can collaborate with your team and utilize their expertise and experience to create a better product and smoother process for everyone.

+I have video staff- why hire you?

The Team! The VIM team of professional video specialists brings something more to the table. We work with master-level producers, directors, editors, cinematographers, and more. People who have, years and tens of thousands of hours, working in their job- be that interviewing high profile people or capturing sound.

We collaborate with any staff you currently have to create a better product and a smoother process for your team.

+How does your process work?

First, we listen! We eliminate your risk by working hard to clearly understand your needs and what you want to achieve and promote.

Secondly, we get creative and build a customized video campaign for your organizations based on your Strength Story, and then, ….

We deliver. This is not just one video, it’s an entire video campaign that will produce high impact results continually over time. And this process will give you world-class results while saving you money.

+How much is your initial consultation?

It’s free if you qualify. Contact us for more information.

+How will I be able to use your video?

In the ways that get the best results. When we listen to you to hear your organization’s goals, we learn about the audience you’re trying to reach. Then we work together and advise you from our experience how to best reach your audience. This includes the target platforms for the content we create together. This is normally a mix, which could include: web, tv, social media, theatrical and more.

+What’s your guarantee?

We guarantee that before any camera rolls that we will absolutely understand clearly and completely from your point of view, exactly what you need now and what your vision is for the future. We guarantee you that we will then communicate with you in every step of the process, so that you and your team are fully aware of where we are at on our agreed upon path and that we are correctly bringing your vision to life.

We guarantee that the final video campaign will be a world-class expression of our initial goal.

And finally, we guarantee that all of our agreements are “soft-sided” agreements. This means that if anything shall change during our engagement, within your organization, that we will agree to sit down and openly discuss all potential solutions to the issue.