Samples for the FH Foundation

Cancer advocacy organization (medium-sized)

How it relates to you and our conversation:

  1. emotional documentary style content

  2. explaining medical terms simply

  3. social media versions

  4. “more than talking heads”

  5. the campaign drove a huge increase in web traffic

  6. fusion marketing/fundraising example- the nonprofit partnered with a surgery center for funding

Videos from the 3 year campaign in which we produced over 30 videos.

Featured videos:
Patient/member profile
Doctors/Patient explaining procedure
Social media video trailer
Social media ad
Community video (members sent pics and audio clips)

Lehigh Valley Health Network

Large hospital network

How it relates you and our conversation:

  1. we had only ~20 mins of interview time with each surgeon. Could be similar to a conference setting

  2. explaining medical terms simply

  3. making the most out of mostly talking head content

  4. created an “anthem” video that functioned as their calling card (3-5 min video which combined all the surgeons)

  5. Many social media versions

  6. Used successfully for many years (5 years so far)

Featured videos:
2x doctor profile (2-3 min video)
social media trailer
10 sec social media ad

Science History Institute

Established medium-sized nonprofit

How it relates you and our conversation:

  • Making hard to understand topics simple and exciting

  • Using stock/archival footage effectively to enhance talking head interviews

  • Create 3 different one hour shows, each going on PBS and getting screenings around the world. But also edited short biographic web episodes to drive viewers to their website

  • Fusion marketing/fundraising - massive fundraising opportunities created. Including one 7-figure donation resulting directly from the series

*formerly the Chemical Heritage Foundation

OC87 Recovery Diaries

Small mental health nonprofit

How it relates you and our conversation:

  • Feature documentary film on Netflix

  • One hour show on PBS

  • “Calling card” website video (web promo video)

  • Produced emotional biographies

  • Created content over 6 years

  • The video content created fusion funding opportunities with other organizations

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